Use & Preparation

This pre-cooked product can be prepared in no time at all in a deep fat fryer, standard oven or Merrychef oven. With a tasty dip, it is ideal as finger food.

Oven: 15 min. at 250°C hot air.

Combi steamer: at 190°C heat for approx. 10 min.

Deep fryer: at 160°C for 6 min.

Air fryer:  at 180°C for 10 min, turn around occasionally, with some oil.

Merrychef: heat up to 10 scrambled eggs sticks for approx. 2 min at 250°C.

Packaging units

6×1 kg Poly-bag in a carton

Shelf life & Storage

15 months at -18°C


Approx. 20g per piece

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